Sinble dating

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Sinble dating

Event organizer Lucas Andrich said he was blown away by the response.

Employees distributed free cupcakes among the shoppers.

Amid the boxed cereal and pasta aisles, singles like Alana Squire sparked conversations and bonded over this new way to meet potential partners.

“You can’t complain, and you’ve just got to keep an open mind and see what it’s all about,” Squire said.

She brings to the camera some of the blithe timing of Greta Gerwig as well as the pleasing gravity of Charlotte Gainsbourg, and in "How to Be Single" she shares some scenes with Leslie Mann (who plays her older sister) that really get the job done; they're funny and charming, and a little bit off-plot, so everybody can relax into them.

At this point in the review of "How to Be Single" I should point out that I am not any of the following: a woman; a New Yorker; a Brooklynite; a fan of Liz Tuccillo's 2008 book, to which the film adaptation, directed brightly but flatly by Christian Ditter, bears a passing resemblance; or a fan of Rebel Wilson, whom I find exhausting.

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Roughly half the scenes are terrible, nervously edited and predictable.