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No membership fee sex chat

Went several times and most of the girls are only 6-7. She was the best looking and showing the most cleavage. A couple of 7's out front and I asked the younger better looking one to show me around. We chatted a little bit, and I found out her main job is a camarista (hotel maid). So I decided to start mongering right away as soon as I got off the bus into the Centro. Feeling defeated, I made my way to the marina and went almost straight to the spa on Ancla 30, as Scubatoo reported.She took me upstairs and showed me the shower and the rooms and asked what kind of massage I wanted. Moved up a little in ratings with that body and early 20's. Great time and then finished up taking a shower with me. Was the only customer, but I had 5 really nice chicas looking at me and smiling. The hostess / store manager took me straight to the back and asked how I found out about the place. There are way better options available in Central America if mongering is the sole purpose of your visit.But these crooks not only want their fare but also want another fraction of the 250 pesos (entry fee). Others have suggested getting dropped off a block away but I chose not to.I was dropped at the door and told the bouncer I wasn't paying an entry fee and told the driver he wasn't getting jack, I was ready to walk away. I don't know nor do I care about how they settled it between each other.She said OK and let me play some with her while playing with the junk. To my surprise she gave me a prostate massage and she finished my off with her other hand while I had my fingers in her. One with longer hair got up and asked if I wanted a massage. Services ranged from 350 to 3000 roughly and I took the 2250 one that included up to a naked CBJ. Took a shower, had a quick chat and left a happy man! But I must pace myself because I still have a full week left! It wasn't a total bust but I didn't set my expectations accordingly so it left me underwhelmed... As a pure mongering destination, of course there better options. And it has come a long way for mongering over the last 10 years. It wasn't a total bust but I didn't set my expectations accordingly so it left me underwhelmed.

I understand compensating the cab drivers with this said entry fee if they truly recommended the place.

Then there's one place further up Mexico avenue, and it's in that same range of beauty. I went to a place called The best massage Spa on calle Morelos, by 31 de octubre, just north of the Malecon. 5 that seemed to be the boss, and had a nice body and an inviting face and attitude. Went with the CBJ and first 30 minutes was professional mostly, with the occasional hand on the sack. There's a lot of great talent out there for cheap, massages start at 350 pesos for an hour, and I was able to relax thoroughly.

The girls were dressed in typical all black tight clothing. One of them was really tiny and small, but her smile was off. Then she really focused on it before the flip, also played skillfully around the ass, and it naturally continued after the flip. Continued with the action I was having for another 3 or 4 minutes. But I wanted to do something I haven't done before in PV. I wanted to stay away from all the agencies, and managed to do so (surprisingly).

As far as I'm concerned both venues are reasonably priced. Francisco Medina Ascencio (hwy 200) just south of the Ferry terminal.

I know some people have discussed over paying but I have nothing to compare it to as I wasn't there back in the day. There's a big Soriana across the street and a Farmacia next to the place.

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