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Mydatingvideo com

Okay, yeah you got me, but it is my own little experiment: Now how about we actually get real. I'll show you the content of my character if you show me yours.... Again, my advice here is that most girls are curious and excited to see something different, yet maybe afraid to date someone outside the box. Either way I think if you want an actual date, go with writing a poem instead as your opener - that's been more successful for me in landing a date. Once again girls in silicon valley I want to guess are the flakiest girls in the world, so developing strategies to help ensure 5/10 girls here don't cancel your date (or not show up) is something else I need to work on. well give me some credit please - or at least change things up to be uniquely you, then let me know how it goes. if I had more time I might have written them poems to make them smile (and illicit better chance of response), but they instead became my guinea pigs. Copy and paste isn't great, but I like to think I'm spreading some joy. Girls give great feedback, but the problem is none of them have a video, so when I meet them I'm the one at disadvantage. The poem thing I only started a week ago, so it's early days there too! :) If your a guy who tries this experiment on a rainy day....

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I am a robotic answers machine, not programmed to pass judgement, but asking for multiple options?! How about your just pick one for now, and if you're a good girl Andrew will show you other answers later. It's a weird experiment, but Tinder itself is a weird and probably damaging social experiment.... Sincerely, Andrew Noske Acknowledgements: My wonderful friend Kelli Blum for sharing the original message with me - this is why it's great to stay friends with any wonderful people you have dated.

If you're a woman, feel free to email me also - I'm curious for feedback and reactions.

These messages won't get you a date necessarily, but they can at least start a conversation, and make a girl smile if you are clever.

I've voiced my curiosity/hate relationship with Tinder in this page.....

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Even today, most of us view online dating as a “last resort” — a pathetic place to find refuge, when all other portals to love and connection have closed. My last two significant relationships — one with a woman, one with a man — both started online.